After Hours

Life on the Road

Compiled from Milan's journal

Day 1.
Spent the day traveling between fields. Road very quiet. Reached edge of the forest around sundown. Lumi managed to bring down a small boar for dinner, and I smoked the leftovers to supplement our trail rations.

Day 2.
Spent the day traveling through the forest. Road still quiet. At our mid-afternoon rest stop, we were ambushed by a pack of wolves; if it wasn’t for Lumi, they’d have been on us before we could even have got our weapons out. As it was, both Lumi and Opie were mortally wounded in the first attack, and Nova was severely injured as well. I managed to keep everyone alive while JD’s arrows and Gorbash’s hammer did for most of the animals. Afterwards, I patched up the wounded while Gorbash and JD skinned the wolves. Now camping at the site of the fight. Two horses bolted during the fight, Opie’s and mine, and we only managed to recover mine. I’m lending him my horse while I drive the cart.

Day 3.
Came out of the forest into rolling hills. Along the road, we came upon a tent by the side of the road, occupied by a man and a small girl. With some questioning and educated guesswork, we figured out they are Yrsa, daughter of Duke Borkhold, and the family’s butler. Bad news: apparently, there was a magical mishap at the castle and the inhabitants were attacked by a large number of elementals two weeks ago. The butler was ordered to take the girl away and keep her safe. He’d been wanting to go back and check on the castle but had been reluctant to do so without an escort. We offered him passage with us, which he accepted.

By dusk we reached the village of Hillside, consisting of a dozen or so houses, a small temple, an inn, and a general store. We got lodgings at the inn and managed to extract some information from the locals. Things have been quiet in the direction of the castle, but a fire can be seen from the tower at night. The villagers keep their shutters closed.

Day 4.
Left the butler and the girl in the village and headed for the castle. Lumi and JD had taken a closer look before dawn but were unable to glean much.


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