After Hours

A Letter from Diero


Against my better judgment, I have embarked on an increasingly perilous journey with a collection of drifters: two elves who are mysterious in everything except that they are lodestones for trouble; a cleric of Pelor who seems to know even less than we do, though he was sent along by “special order” of the Pelorian priestess; and finally that bumbling halfling Finder. If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t even be in this mess, but Kael insisted that Cirrus is the one who will help us, so I am forced to suffer his penchant for ridiculous escapades in order to find what was taken from us.

Our camp was passed in the night by a group of soulless villagers, shells of human beings, and no sooner had the halfling pronounced them “harmlessly unfortunate” than we took off in the direction that these Inflicted had come from. JD ruefully intoned that we appeared to be heading into the danger rather than away, but Cirrus was singly-focused. Luckily, none of the Inflicted we encountered before the town seemed to be aware of our presence, let alone harmful. Perhaps JD is right, though, as he suffered a debilitating headache on the road.

Lumi has earned some of my regard, as her sense of her surroundings is keen and in-tune with the unnatural. Huge rocks appear to have fallen from somewhere and destroyed this town; the center of the village has erupted debris everywhere, and whatever the cause, it does not appear to be friendly. The poor villagers closest to the explosion appear to have changed, Ena. Their physical bodies are stretched, and their minds are demoralized. One Inflicted sat in the open, gnawing on a human arm.

When we finally reached the temple, it was in terrible shape and Shael will be disappointed to learn that her priest friend has been murdered. Perhaps his death will be of use to us, though, as we may be able to determine what has happened here. He appears to have been murdered for his knowledge of something called “Black Dawn”, which he wrote about in his journal just before he died.

Ena, you will not believe it: there is talk of a secret society. I hoped briefly that this would lead me to her, but the priest’s notes talk of demonic powers and forgotten lore. I am not afraid to battle dark powers to punish that woman, but what would become of our treasure if exposed to that? I shudder to think.

We are seeking out the local tanner, as the priest seemed to believe he was connected with this affair. If this reaches you, stand firm in the knowledge that I will retrieve what we have lost. I will rest at nothing.


A Trip to Trisk
As told by Cirrus

Day 1
In the future I believe it would be best if I refrained from participating in any games of chance with JD, especially ones involving alcohol as I have no recollection of the evening past.

Fortunately, the locals were kind enough to provide an account of our drunken exploits, and apparently my companions and I had the pleasure of sharing a near death experience, courtesy of the Wachowski brothers. However, I believe this dance with death may have been a little more intimate than we realize, despite the local’s delight with the evening’s itinerary.

Weary from our waltz, we headed to the temple of Pelor in hope of finding some medical attention. Though reluctant at first, the lovely Mother Shael was kind enough to aid each of us in return for a small favor.

Mother Shael has been unable to contact the temple of Trisk for many days now and has grown worried. In return for her hospitality, she asked only that we travel to the town of Trisk and return with report as she fears the worst of the mysterious noise.

We agreed to the cleric’s request and decided to head for Trisk in the morning. I invited my companions to reside with me for the remainder of the evening, but Lumi, hesitant of this invitation, required some assurance of my accommodations. I assured her that I could comfortably accommodate a lady and I have promised her Penelope’s room, which I always keep in pristine condition.

Day 2
I returned to the tavern this morning to inquire after our new found friends the Wachowski brothers. This proved to be a fruitless endeavor as most of the information I gathered was mere rumor. There were many claims that a Wachowski brother had been slain, but no Wachowski was among the bodies collected from the alley.

Not particularly fond of the idea of traveling to Trisk on foot, I set out to see if I could acquire some means of transport. Barry, a kind but simple man and common patron of Trinkets and Treasures, offered the use of his mule and flatbed if I delivered a letter to his brother in Trisk. His mule, also named Barry, is old but dependable, so long as one has carrots of course. I graciously accepted Barry’s offer, but the poor man can neither read nor write and so required my assistance in the production of his letter. Fortunately it was a short letter and did not take long to write. I then inquired of his brother’s name and he replied… “Barry”. I have no idea who I am delivering this letter to as I am beginning to think that he calls everyone Barry.

I returned home to find my companions awake and preparing for our trip to Trisk, so I invited them to help themselves to whatever they could find within my shop. Diero took liking to a bow, Lumi collected eight or so various arrows to add to her quiver, and JD found a healing potion. At least, I think it’s a healing potion.

Our trip has been uneventful so far, though the road appears less-traveled than I remember. We have stopped for the evening, the elves agreeing to keep watch, and will continue on to Trisk in the morning. I can sense the inklings of ancient magic. Perhaps I will finally find what I seek in Trisk.

Day 3 – morning
The strangest thing just occurred. JD spotted a group of Inflicted traveling from Trisk towards Littlebrook during his watch. While harmless, their existence was rather disconcerting. Destined to travel the familiar until they starve or are slain, there was unfortunately nothing we could do for them. I suggested we leave them be and continue on to Trisk.

A Night at the Siren's Call
The very first session

The story began in the port town of Littlebrook, in an inn called The Siren’s Call, where a strange group – three rogues and a wizard – recent friends, perhaps mostly due to not fitting in well with the regular townsfolk, sat tossing back a few tankards.

The rumor of the day, was that shortly before entering Littlebrook, a caravan of merchants heard a deep, low rumble from the east, out towards the neighboring village of Trisk. Speculations run wild at the inn, though all agree, that whatever caused the noise could only be bad.

As one of the rogues stepped out in the alley to relieve himself, he was surprised to find a gang of local ruffians waiting. Unhappy with the elven thief amongst them, the locals were set to jump the poor fellow. Six ruffians in all, two of them armed and seemingly talented with a blade, the rogue found himself hopelessly outnumbered. Through clever banter, he did manage to stall the attackers long enough for his fellow outsiders to get suspicious, and they burst into the alley just as the fighting began.

It turned out to be a bloody night. Bones were broken, guts were spilled. The rogues did their best to outmaneuver the attackers, but brute strength nearly got the best of them all. The wizard, not wanting to call attention to his spell casting abilities, utterly failed trying to negotiate a truce, and in the end it nearly meant the end of it for the gang of rogues.

When the last two ruffians finally ran off, carrying the wizard’s coin purse, the gravely wounded outsiders retreated back inside the inn, where everyone had all but forgotten the merchant’s rumors, after the fight had broken out.

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