Population: 3500 (4000 during peak season)

Coastal town in the north, where a river becomes a bay, before meeting with one of the great seas. It is connected to nearby village Trisk, located in the hills to the east. North of Littlebrook is a rugged cluster of mountains, and to the south the deep forests cover the land.

Ruler: an elected mayor, serving House Borkold. This mayor serves for 10 years, and is elected by the towns’ various guild masters. Each guild is typically represented by three such masters.

Primary industry: Fishing and seals (Guild of Scales), as well as shipping of goods from up the river (Littlebrook Trade Union), across the sea, and smithies, producing good steel, using ore from the dwarves up north (Guild of the Anvil).

Temples: A temple dedicated to Pelor, one of only a few stone buildings in town, and a more humble, non-denominational temple building.


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