After Hours

A Night at the Siren's Call

The very first session

The story began in the port town of Littlebrook, in an inn called The Siren’s Call, where a strange group – three rogues and a wizard – recent friends, perhaps mostly due to not fitting in well with the regular townsfolk, sat tossing back a few tankards.

The rumor of the day, was that shortly before entering Littlebrook, a caravan of merchants heard a deep, low rumble from the east, out towards the neighboring village of Trisk. Speculations run wild at the inn, though all agree, that whatever caused the noise could only be bad.

As one of the rogues stepped out in the alley to relieve himself, he was surprised to find a gang of local ruffians waiting. Unhappy with the elven thief amongst them, the locals were set to jump the poor fellow. Six ruffians in all, two of them armed and seemingly talented with a blade, the rogue found himself hopelessly outnumbered. Through clever banter, he did manage to stall the attackers long enough for his fellow outsiders to get suspicious, and they burst into the alley just as the fighting began.

It turned out to be a bloody night. Bones were broken, guts were spilled. The rogues did their best to outmaneuver the attackers, but brute strength nearly got the best of them all. The wizard, not wanting to call attention to his spell casting abilities, utterly failed trying to negotiate a truce, and in the end it nearly meant the end of it for the gang of rogues.

When the last two ruffians finally ran off, carrying the wizard’s coin purse, the gravely wounded outsiders retreated back inside the inn, where everyone had all but forgotten the merchant’s rumors, after the fight had broken out.


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