After Hours

Skirmish at Borkhold Keep

Compiled from Milan's journal

Well, that could have gone better. Then again, it could have gone a lot worse.

We approached the keep mounted, and as we drew near, we spotted a helmeted head peeking over the battlements of the outer wall. The figure to which it was attached launched several sling stones at us, which went wide, after which it shouted an alarm in what I recognized as Goblin. The main gate had been left open wide enough to permit a person to slip through, and JD, Lumi, Gorbash, and Nova dismounted and dashed to it while Opie and I finished hobbling the horses. Three or maybe four goblins on the wall loosed arrows at us, and two of them struck Nova. As Opie and I made for the gate as well, Opie called up a magical bank of fog which rapidly rose in and around the gate; in retrospect, this may have been the one thing that kept us from being pinned down and picked off. I made it to the gate, but Opie also took an arrow from one of the goblins on the wall.

However, I was now in the fog and spent most of the fight within it, so I’ve had to piece together the following from walking the battlefield and talking to the others in our group once the fight was over. The layout of the keep was roughly square, with a courtyard in the center, the main gate in the south wall, a five-story tower making up the south-east corner, the residence making up the north-west corner, and lean-to stables against the east wall. At the time of our approach, four goblins were on the south wall, while two more were on the north wall; one of the latter was evidently the party’s leader. All but the leader were armed with shortbows and scimitars, and they were well placed to pick off anyone coming through the gate, and they might well have done so were it not for Opie’s bank of fog.

JD and Lumi made for the ground floor door to the tower, fatally shooting two of the goblins on the south wall, and one on the north wall, along the way. Once inside the tower, they made their way up the stairs, where JD encountered and dispatched another of the goblins from the south wall, who had run into the tower as well. Lumi continued up to come level with the battlements, where she shot and killed the last goblin on the south wall.

Meanwhile, Gorbash headed across the courtyard for the stairs to the north wall, followed by Nova. The goblin leader moved to intercept them, and they joined battle by the well. I had invoked the power of Pelor to partially heal Nova’s wounds, but he was still hurting; during the fight, he first took a slash from the goblin leader’s scimitar and then an errant blow from Gorbash’s hammer. By the time I emerged from the fog, I saw Gorbash still locked in combat with the goblin, while Nova was prostrate in a pool of his own blood. As I uttered a healing word to prevent him from dying, JD and Lumi emerged onto the south wall and each put an arrow into the goblin leader, finishing off the job Gorbash had started.

Briefly, there was silence. Then we set about tending to the wounded and searching the dead. The amount of injury is beyond the power that Pelor grants me to heal (Lumi is the only one who didn’t get wounded during the fight), so we will likely have to rest up for a while before we search the rest of the keep.


Speaking out of character, I made a couple of errors during last night’s sesh, but they kind of cancel each other out. First, I forgot that the Preserve Life power can only restore its recipients to 1/2 their hit points maximum. Second, I forgot that, as a Disciple of Life, my healing spells currently heal an additional 3 points of damage (i.e. a Cure Wounds heals 1d8 + 3 Wisdom modifier + 3 Disciple of Life bonus = 1d8+6).

Skirmish at Borkhold Keep
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