Male Human Cleric of Pelor


About 5’10", with brown hair and eyes. He has fairly good looks, though marred by a broken nose, and is moderately muscled with some fat. Wears a dark red surcoat bearing the symbol of Pelor over scale armor, with a mace on his right hip and a knife of goblin manufacture on his left.


Born in a fortified farming village in [Damara], Milan spent much of his free time as a youth helping the local healer by collecting herbs, washing bandages, and the like. As a younger son, he was ineligible to inherit the family farm, so at age 15, he left home to join the Scarlet Sashes, a mercenary company which happened to be passing through. Largely through on-the-job training, and by assisting at hospitals and temples in cities near which the company camped, Milan rose over the course of eight years from stretcher-bearer to senior healer, ultimately being awarded the (largely honorary) rank of warrant officer.

During those eight years, the Scarlet Sashes operated [from the lands around the Moonsea as far south as the Dragon Coast], mainly escorting caravans and conducting punitive expeditions against bandits and goblinoids. On one occasion, the company was ambushed while on the march; the goblins got through to the baggage train and Milan found himself forced to fight for his life. He managed to escape with superficial injuries including a broken nose, and took a knife off one of the goblins who attacked him.

As the years progressed, Milan started to question whether being a military healer was what he wanted to keep doing indefinitely. He enjoyed seeing new places, and he felt useful tending to the sick and the wounded, but the mercenary life was getting monotonous. Then, early one morning, while relieving himself at dawn, Milan had a vision of an eagle approaching him out of the rising sun, calling him to the priesthood of Pelor. With mixed feelings, he took his leave from the company and headed for the nearest temple of Pelor, two days’ march away in a town called Littlebrook.

Recent events indicate that during that brief journey, he was transported around ten years forward in time.

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